The Benefits Of Installing Dutch Doors In Your Horse Barn

There’s no doubt about it, Dutch doors are one of the most popular choices for barns – and for good reason. The ability to open the top and bottom of the door separately can offer the barn and horses a number of benefits. Keep the top open for better air flow and to allow horses to pop their heads out for some social interaction, while the bottom part remains closed to keep them safe and secure in their stall.

Let’s take a closer look at the top benefits of installing Dutch doors in your horse barn. For more information about our Dutch doors for sale, contact System Equine today.


Our Dutch doors for sale are designed with adjustability in mind. Should your barn warp or shift over time, these doors can offer the perfect fit no matter your circumstance. For instance, if you notice that your door is becoming more rough and difficult to open, you can simply rectify the problem by adjusting the hinges.

Improved Safety

The right Dutch doors can create a safer environment for your horses within the means of your barn. Easy to open and close, these quality doors allow you to access your horse stalls without a fight. We all know that situations with horses can happen and change quickly, which is why you need a door that will provide you with quick entry or exit when time is of the essence.

Temperature Regulation

Both Dutch doors and Dutch windows can help to create better air flow within your barn. Especially on those warm summer days, being able to open the top part of the window or door can help to let a breeze come through and better regulate the temperature throughout your barn.

Strength and Components

At System Equine, we stand behind products that offer both quality and durability. Our customers can expect nothing less from our selection of Dutch doors.

Features include:

  • Galvanized steel underneath a durable powder coat paint, resulting in improved longevity and more years of use
  • One of our strongest horse barn doors for sale
  • Designed to perform like a commercial door-jam and also feature a heavy-duty and easy-to-use latch system
  • An internal pin is used to lock the door, offering a tidy appearance and helps with ease of opening
  • Delrin plastic bushing is used in the center hole of the stainless-steel hinge pin, further improving ease of operation

Happier Horses

Dutch windows and Dutch doors can provide your horse with access to fresh air, light and even socialization outside of their stall. At System Equine, we have different styles of windows for a variety of climates and situations.

Dutch Doors for Sale at System Equine

Would you like to learn more about our Dutch doors for sale? Contact our team of equine experts at System Equine today for more information or to equip your barn with these industry-leading barn windows and doors.

Author: impdigital

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