mucking and cleaning


Whether you're caring for one or multiple horses, they all deserve to enjoy a clean, safe, and functional home. Ensuring the health and happiness of your horse(s) begins with the routine mucking and cleaning of their stalls. We carry a wide selection of products to help keep your barn pristine and to make the hard work a little easier so that you have more time to spend with your horses instead of just cleaning up after them.

A fan favourite, the SmartCart is the equestrian industry's leading utility wheelbarrow and these days, it's pretty rare to see a showground or riding facility without one! Save your back and your energy using the SmartCart to clean stalls, move hay, and pretty much anything else from point A to B. These large capacity carts are outfitted with flat-free tires so you never have to struggle with air leaking and unbalanced wheelbarrows again. The SmartCarts are also ergonomically designed with a comfortable handle and ideal weight dispersal to minimize injuries commonly seen with repetitive use of outdated carts and wheelbarrows. With multiple carts sold on a weekly basis, we can just about guarantee all your tasks will be completed quicker and much more comfortably with the use of a SmartCart.

At System Equine, we know each equestrian has their own preferred tools and cleaning methods so we’ve made sure to stock all the options! Find your preferred bedding forks, muck buckets, wheelbarrows, shovels, and brooms here to get the job done right and keep your barn in tip-top shape!