We carry a complete line of the latest horse blankets to help keep your best friend comfortable all year round.

We carry a variety of brands and styles so we can cater to your horse no matter the weather, how rowdy their paddock mates may be, or any other variable that may crop up with your equine. Since each brand fits slightly differently, having a variety of brands on offer also means the best fit for your horse! We also offer blanket tags so you can easily identify what belongs to your horse. Whatever your blanketing needs, we can help find the perfect items for your horse!

There are several different things to consider when blanketing your horse. Every brand and style has a different combination of variables that work together to determine how well the blanket will suit your horse’s lifestyle. Here are the main things to take into consideration when choosing what your horse should wear:

First to consider is where your horse will be wearing his blanket. For indoor use, stable blankets of various fills will do nicely and tend to be more economical than turnout sheets. They are typically not waterproof or tear-resistant, but they work well in a stall or as warm layers under their more weatherproof counterparts—turnout blankets.