stall accessories

Barn accessories to keep your horses comfortable, safe, and content

Your horse stalls are about so much more than just the walls, doors, and windows. Take a look at some of these accessories that help you keep your horse safe, healthy, and occupied! We also offer storage items to keep clutter out of your barn.

The Benefits of Stall Accessories

Horse toys to prevent boredom:

In the wild, your horse would be grazing most of the day. Just like many animals in the modern world, fun accessories and toys can help to prevent boredom and encourage a more positive environment.

Bucket Hangers

Design the perfect bucket hanging setup with our hardware. No matter the style of your stall, we provide a variety of barn accessories, hooks, loops, brackets, and bucket straps to securely hang a bucket wherever you wish.

Salt Licks

Minerals are a key factor to the health of your horse, helping to metabolize fats, proteins and carbohydrates. They also help the blood transport oxygen throughout the body. Even though our horses eat only a small amount of minerals each day, we need to make sure that they have free choice access to them. Everything you need is here to make sure that salt and minerals are available to your horse, 24/7.

Stall Guards

A quick and easy barrier for shows, renovations, traveling, or just ease of access, stall guards might be the accessory that your barn is missing.

Storage Accessories

 A trailer door caddy can prove to be a huge help for keeping your grooming supplies organized! Don’t go hunting for that detangler in a disorganized bucket again. This caddy can be hung on your trailer door, in the tack room or along the barn aisle; wherever it is most needed. Stable storage bags are also available to keep your barn, trailer or arena area organized.