Essentials for the Road to Recovery

Regardless of their workload, your horses are athletes and your job as their partner is to help them maintain their overall health to ensure usability and a good quality of life. There are so many products available to aid your horse, both preventative or rehabilitative, on a scale that ranges from supplements to vibration plates. If you are looking for a step-up in terms of rehabilitation, you have come to the right place! We carry some of the most popular and highly reviewed recovery equipment to help your horse get back to their best self.

Nebuliser: Designed to address respiratory issues, airway irritation, allergies, and inflammation the SaHoMa II Safety Horse Mask Equine Nebuliser is used by equestrians worldwide. This tool converts liquid medication into a fine aerosol mist for direct delivery into the lungs for more effective treatment. The SaHoMa is an excellent tool for horses in training or those suffering with mild to severe respiratory issues. Complete units, replacement parts and accessories are all available at System Equine, talk to your vet to see if the SaHoMa could be a game changer for your horse!

Vibration Plates: Have you heard about the positive benefits of vertical vibration? The EquiVibe Vibration Plate works by initiating the proper muscle contraction required to maintain balance. As your horse responds to the vibration, their body mimics their natural vertical movement. This vibration enhances the existing forces of gravity to create the clinical and training compression we need to excite our nerves, mobilize joints and strengthen muscles all while improving circulation. Used as both a rehabilitative and preventative treatment, the combined results of the Equivibe maximize the function and performance of your horses’ body.


One of the most invaluable systems you could ever have on your farm, System Equine’s Odyssey Performance Trainer provides a way for you to conveniently and effectively exercise your horse in a safe and controlled environment. Allowing for natural carriage at a variety at specified paces, this versatile automated training system is a revolutionary way for your horse to either maintain fitness or gradually rehabilitate during recovery. For everything you need to know about Odyssey Exercisers including specifications, installation, and configurations, visit the Odyssey website.