heating, lighting & ventilation

Create the Ideal Environment

Outfitting your barn with proper heating, lighting, and ventilation should not be an area that is overlooked. In the agricultural industry, ventilation is an extremely important factor in any enclosed area or structure that houses livestock. Air quality has a direct impact on your horse’s health and performance and even equines in peak health can suffer from chronic respiratory illnesses. It is important to make sure your barn has good ventilation for all horses, not just those with pre-existing issues. Without sufficient ventilation, dust, ammonia, and contaminants can build and put stress on your horse’s respiratory system with conditions classified as recurrent airway obstructions. Lack of ventilation can also lead to damp environments or those with excessively high temperatures. Poor air quality in the barn can also negatively impact humans. System Equine has a wide selection of shutter, portable, ceiling, and wall mount fans available to meet the needs of our customers and their horses.

When it comes to heating barns, typically the most economical and sensible strategy is to install concentrated heat where needed. System Equine is proud to carry the Solaira series of heaters. These infrared heaters come in a variety of sizes and are designed to be mounted on a wall or ceiling. Those familiar with northern temperatures and an early foaling system would be particularly interested in this product to maximize comfort and viability in colder temperatures. Even if you do not have a foaling operation, the Solaira heaters are a great product to have for equines who are injured or are experiencing a level of compromised health that prevents them from being able to properly regulate their body temperature. They are also great for viewing areas and in arenas where coaches stand.

Our products are not solely intended for new builds but special consideration does need to be taken by owners of older style barns when it comes to heating, lighting, and ventilation. Structures should be properly evaluated to determine where necessary improvements need to be made, and electrical components should meet all current safety standards. With time comes knowledge, and System Equine is more than happy to help customers upgrade their existing barns to meet the needs of their equines based on the information and products now available to us as horse owners.