ties, snaps & HOOKS

Supplies for Safety and Organization

Designed for functionality, System Equine carries a wide array of ties, snaps, and hooks for you and your horse’s every need. These items are essential in helping you care for your horse safely and efficiently.

Your horse can be safely secured in both your barn and trailer with our selection of crossties and bungee ties. Travel with ease knowing your horse has the flexibility of a bungee tie when trailering, keeping them in place while still allowing them to balance naturally. Crossties allow for safe aisle traffic in addition to securing your horse for grooming, tacking up, and first-aid attention.
Everyone loves an organized barn; System Equine has a large selection of hooks for tack and equipment. Bridle brackets and wire racks are available to keep your valuable tack arranged neatly and 4-prong hooks are the perfect tool to hang harnesses or use while cleaning tack. Hitching rings, screw eyes, snaps, and bucket hooks are all useful in their own ways and will help your operation run smoothly.