Gifts for the Equestrian in Your Life

When it comes to the equestrian, any of our products could easily be considered a gift as sometimes, the most practical items are the most exciting gifts to receive. However, if you’re looking for something a little more special, our tack store carries some unique items that make thoughtful gifts. System Equine has a collection of jewelry, coloring books, ornaments, coffee mugs, and coasters for you to browse through for any gift-giving occasion.
One of the most well-known gifts we stock are the Breyer horses. These collectible models and their accessories are enjoyed by equestrians of all ages and all disciplines. Whether you are building upon an existing collection, or hoping to introduce a horse enthusiast to the Breyer world, ask our tack store associates about the models we have in stock or those you’d like ordered in.
A written card goes a long way and puts the finishing touches on your gift. Instead of hoping you can find a horse themed card at a mainstream store, pick one up in our tack store where you can choose a design and theme you think best fits the equestrian in your life.