Tack Room


Your stable's tack room is where you keep all of your tack—all of the equipment needed for your horse. This includes your saddles, bridles, stirrups, reins, halters, bits, and any other equipment.

When designing the room, a number of thought processes go into the design and setup of the area.

Boarding Facilities

Many different people use the space, they may not know each other and then may use the tack often or not very often. In these situations, there a number of considerations. One solution may be adding tack boxes that can be locked. You can build them into the stall fronts, have multiple rooms close to the stalls that they can rent or a have a centralized room with many tack boxes. The options are endless.

Show Facilities

Think of a power tack wall with nice racks, full-length bridle displays and trophy cases. Or a swinging tack wall that protects the tack but can be swung around for presentation.

Working training facilities

Easy access out in the open for easy tack up and put away. Grooming stalls built with saddle racks, reins holders and liniments and shampoos within easy access.

Hobby Farms

Integrate the tack room in with the viewing lounge. Not only does it look great, but it‘s also all heated.