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Arena Maintenance and Accessories

While there are numerous places you can enjoy your horse, many equestrians spend a significant amount of time in their arenas. For this reason, arena maintenance should be a priority in any training facility. Poor maintenance can have a negative impact on rideability, concussion force and the overall muscular and skeletal development of your horse.

System Equine stocks a variety of arena accessories required for different disciplines. Jump tracks, jump cups, rail razers, dressage letters, mounting blocks and training tools can all be found here at System.

We are home to the innovative jump track system available in both PVC and galvanized options. Simply screw the track onto your standards, place the keyhole jump cups in the desired slots, and you’re good to go. No more troublesome pins to fumble around with which can be especially frustrating to manipulate on cold winter days when you’re wearing thick gloves or mittens. However, if you prefer it, the pin jump cup option is also available in both white and black.

Dressage riders look no further! System Equine is your source for professional 40m x 60m Dressage Rings. This complete kit is made of white PVC and includes 12 tower letters, 4 corner cones, 38 line cones and 40 rails and will take your training and facility to the next level. If you are in search of dressage ring accessories on a smaller scale, we have a variety of letter options available in various types including self adhesive markers, nail/screw on markers, and cones. They are available in sets of four or eight depending upon the style.

When it comes to arenas, our goal is to help you create a safe and functional area for horses and humans alike. Feel free to give us a call or send us a message anytime to consult with us on your arena equipment and accessories!


The System Equine Track and Ring Conditioner is a tool designed and produced by us here at System Equine. We stand behind our TRC’s and are proud of their effectiveness and usability. The two-stage equipment breaks up clumped and packed footing and then smooths the surface with a leveling blade. You don’t have to be an expert to operate the TRC, it just takes a bit of practice to finesse your skill. The TRC is versatile and can be used with a variety of machinery. The standard TRC is designed to be pulled by a tractor, but with the ‘pull behind’ attachment, it can be fitted onto garden tractors, cars, trucks, ATV’s and Gators. If you’re not ready to upgrade to the TRC or are in need of a lighter duty application, we carry standard harrows and their attachments as alternative options so that your arena can be maintained in a way that makes the most sense for you. The Bridge Harrow is made using durable ⅝” 1060 High Carbon steel teeth and the Estate harrow is made using durable ½” 1045 steel rod. The difference between the two is that the Bridge Harrow is heavier-duty for more intense applications such as going over pastures, seed bed preparation, and incorporating manure. If you’re simply looking to harrow a riding ring, the Estate Harrow will get the job done.