Round pens

The most versatile tool on your farm

The round pen is an excellent tool that will make your horse training simpler and more concentrated. Round pens create a precise training environment allowing for improved communication between horse and handler. Recovery paddocks can accommodate size and configuration changes as the horse is allowed more and more freedom. With no square corners to get stuck in, the round pen’s smaller size and continuous curved barrier limits the horse’s ability to evade the handler permitting greater focus and control. We offer three lines of round pens to best suit your needs and budget!

Benefits of round pens

6′ Tall Round Pen

Available in different panel lengths

Medium Duty Round Pen Grey

Complete 5' high 50' or 60' medium duty round pen with 12' panels

Light Duty Round Pen Red

Complete 6' high 50' or 60' light duty round pen with 12' panels

TN 12ft Utility 5 Bar Corral 72″ RED

Light duty 12' W x 6' H panel for horse round pen

TN 6ft x 96″ Utility Walk Through Arch Gate RED

Light duty 6' W x 8' H locking gate panel for horse round pen
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