Whether you feed hay, grain, or both, you’ll find what you need to feed it outside right here! Outdoor grain feeders typically come in the form of a rubber pan or hanging bucket feeder. Hanging bucket feeders are generally better for horses that tend to flip the pans over. The bucket feeders are only available in one size per style, but the rubber pans are available in sizes from itty bitty for minis to deep pans for feed such as hay cubes. Deeper pans also discourage horses from flipping them over.

Outdoor hay feeders are available in a variety of options. Our most popular hay feeder is the Hay OptiMizer slow feeder, which can be filled with two small square bales. Tombstone feeders can have an extra panel added to accommodate round bales, or simply fill with square bales if desired. Combine with a hay net for minimal wastage. A very cost-efficient option is to only use hay nets, but they can be time consuming to fill. One option is to use the round bale net either with a round bale or many square bales so it doesn’t have to be filled every day. Another option is to use hay racks that attach to the wall.

One of the most handy feeding accessories we sell is the feed bag. Use feed bags to ensure grouped horses eat their own grain or to be sure horses that receive medication in their feed are indeed consuming it instead of it ending up on the ground or in another horse’s mouth.