Dutch Doors


Adding a double Dutch door gives you a wide access to the building should you need the width for heavy machinery or large horses; it also creates a lot of airflow throughout the barn, which many barns lack. It has been proven that a well-ventilated barn is much better for horses’ health than one without adequate airflow. Another big advantage of having any Dutch door is that you’re able to keep the top door(s) open for added airflow while keeping the bottom door(s) remain closed to keep out unwanted critters (or to keep in wanted critters!). Single Dutch paddock walkthrough doors are ideal for horses that like to socialize or are stalled for long periods of time. They can also create easy access to outdoor turnout areas.

Features of our Dutch Doors

Features of Our Dutch Doors

The purpose of a Dutch door is to keep animals either in or out of your barn while allowing light and air to filter through the open top. North American temperatures change drastically throughout the year, causing barns to shift and doors to warp. We have created a premium door that includes a heavy duty steel door frame to help minimize this sagging and warping.

heavy duty commercial grade jamb

Unique to our Dutch doors are the full commercial steel jambs. They provide strength for shifting barns to keep your doors hanging straight and level at all times. If something does move, you have full adjustment both in and out from the frame as well as up and down on the ends of the doors. Integrated stops for the doors with weatherstripping helps to seal out the elements. Half steel jambs are backed by 2x6 wood. You get the same features as the full jamb doors with the cost savings of half jamb doors.


The heavy duty adjustable hinge system has a CNC machined stainless hinge bolt with a Delrin bushing pressed in so you can adjust your door hinges at any time if there is movement.


We manufacture the heaviest, most durable door in the industry. The entire door system including the frame is galvanized for longevity. All powder-coated doors and jambs are pre-galvanized and then powder-coated.


Our recently upgraded iron grip latch is used for all of our double Dutch doors. This latch features a heavy duty iron grip on both sides that is easy to operate, even with gloves on. For our single Dutch doors you have the option to choose our iron grip latch or paddock walkthrough latch. Typically the iron grip latch is chosen when the door is only to be used by pedestrians and the paddock walkthrough latch is chosen for areas where horses reside, as it can only be opened from one side.

Magnetic locks

To connect the top door to the bottom door, a handy magnetic latch is used. This latch is quite convenient as you can gently swing the top closed and it will automatically lock itself shut.