Fence Installations

Installations are where it all began...

In 1987 brothers Dwayne and Kevin Job noticed there was a need in Ontario for agricultural fencing installations. What started as a small fencing crew has turned into a full-fledged fencing company that provides installations for a variety of companies, including agricultural, rural, and commercial industries.

Even though we have expanded as a company, a great quality fence installation remains our trademark. We help our customers every step of the way, from planning your installation, preparing your property, and actually installing your high quality fence. We can also provide you with access to one of a dozen approved installation crews across Canada to help you get your dream fence installed.

We carry the widest selection of any Canadian fencing installation company. Whether it's a beautiful Flex fencing installation or a classic hardwood board fence, we're here to fulfill all your fencing requirements. From 400' to 20,000' installations, we always come with the right equipment and experienced crew to do the job right. We can help you meet your end goal, whether it's to protect your investment, control livestock movement or distribution, keep animals in (or out of) a selected area, protect your pets from predators, or attractively fence off an area for your business, System Equine offers an answer to all your fencing needs.


Try our neat fence estimator tool which enables you to see a satellite view of your property, map your fence out, choose your desired fence type, then receive a no-obligation quote from us within 24 hours!

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Types of Fence Installations

Flex Fencing

If you're looking for a beautiful fence that will withstand the test of time, have minimal maintenance and provide a safer option for your animals, consider Flex Fencing. In 1987, we began installing fences using the Flex Fencing system. We chose the product for its outstanding durability, quality and longevity. In fact, most of our original installations are still fully functional - with horses grazing happily within them!

Wire Mesh

Available in multiple options for a variety of applications, wire mesh is one of the safest fencing options available for horses and livestock. Especially when combined with a hardwood, Flex or thicker electric tape topline for visibility. If containing livestock—not horses—a line of barbed wire can be added for additional security.

Wire mesh is an excellent fencing option for horses and livestock, as it prevents them from getting their legs and heads stuck through the fence. In addition to keeping your animals safely confined, it can also help to prevent predatory animals from entering. Installation can be tricky, since it’s hard to know exactly how much tension to put on the fence. You might find it best to let us do the job for you!

Electric Fencing

Electric fencing can be used either alone or in conjunction with non-electric fences. An electric fence creates more of a psychological barrier rather than a physical barrier and can be a very cost-effective choice for your operation.

For optimal operation, electric fences must have:

Hardwood Fencing

Wood fences are used in a wide variety of situations on farms, but are most commonly used in areas where there is high potential for animal pressure to be put on the fence. For instance, within a corral. They are an excellent option for show and sale rings and even make good fences for stallion paddocks. Advantages of using hardwood fencing on your horse farm can include high visibility, good aesthetics and excellent strength.

Our Fences Are

Pole Fencing

Pole fences are not only a beautiful option, but they also require very little maintenance. The wood weathers to a classic natural grey colour and looks great for years.

Pole fences look great along driveways and property lines, but they can also make a wonderful horse fence, especially when used in combination with electric fencing.

The typical pole fence installation uses cedar posts 6″ in diameter that are driven into the ground. Ten to 12′ long cedar poles 5″ in diameter are then installed horizontally. The ends are cut on an angle so that the two ends line up and a couple 5″ nails are used to attach the rail onto the post.

PVC Fencing

PVC fencing is a rigid, white or light-coloured fence that comes with a lifetime warranty due to its acclaimed durability. They create a very professional look when bordering riding rings, driveways, and property lines, adding an additional touch of elegance to any farm. Combine with electric strands for a beautiful pasture fence.

PVC fencing consists of hollow 5″ x 5″ posts with pre-drilled holes. The rails are typically 16′ long and span three posts by sliding through the middle. The main installation challenge with this type of fencing is ensuring that all the posts are installed directly in line and at 8′ on centre. Clips prevent the rails from sliding out. The typical do-it-yourselfer may find this installation quite challenging, as there are a lot of measurements to be aware of, so they may find that using a professional installer is the best way to ensure a properly installed fence.

High Tensile Wire Fencing

High tensile wire is a very economical fencing choice for cattle and other livestock. It can be electrified or non-electrified, and can also be combined with other types of fencing or used on its own to create the ideal fence for your animals.

Easy to string and handle, you can save considerable time and money with this low cost fencing alternative. Electrify one or all strands for an economical electric fencing system. Its high elasticity and breaking strength (1385 lbs.) practically eliminates damage afflicted by livestock, falling objects and temperature changes. While this can be an excellent fencing alternative for many types of livestock, we do not recommend high tensile wire for use with horses as it has low visibility and can harm horses if they were to make impact.

What Our Customers Say

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My family has used Flex products from System Equine since the 1990's.
Kathy Farrell
I have dealt with System Equine several times for my projects in the past and have been very happy with the service and quality of their products.
Rick & Donna Farrow
We purchased our stalls, feeders, barn fixtures, and Flex Fencing from System Equine and they were absolutely the best to deal with!
Diane Drouillard