Choosing the right window for your barn

We manufacture the strongest, most beautiful windows on the market.

Providing your horses with clean, fresh air is incredibly important, especially when they're stabled for long periods of time. A Dutch window will give your horse the fresh air and comfort of the outside weather while at the same time allowing them to socialize and be mentally stimulated.


Types of Windows

Find the best window to meet the needs of your barn, stalls and horses with our help.

Silver Series opening Dutch window

With many size, glass, and window grill options available, finding the best Dutch Window for your barn has never been so simple. Our Silver Series Dutch Windows are finely crafted with materials that are selected with durability and style in mind.

With our Silver Series Dutch Barn Windows, you can make an investment in the safety, functionality and appeal of your barn that will pay off for years to come.

premium Gold Series Dutch window

Take the function and style of your horse barn to the next level. Our Premium Gold Series Dutch Windows offer the upgrade of a screen integrated into the grills, which hinges separately from the glass.

Allow your horses to benefit from added socialization, a fresh breeze, and the warmth of the sunlight, all with the installation of top-quality Dutch windows in their stall.


At System Equine, the health and safety of your horses will always come first. That's why we're proud to offer our customers a wide selection of Barn Bale Window options. With a number of size, glass, fill, and finish options available, it's easy to find the best bale window for your application.

Your horses can enjoy watching their surroundings outside and a fresh breeze, all from the safety and protection of their stalls. Available in swinging or sliding formats.

Shutter Windows

If you live in a warmer climate, you may be interested in our shutter windows. These barn windows are easily opened and closed, which effectively allows the horses to look outside and enjoy the breeze!

The optional yoke is designed to prevent chewing of unwanted components. With many options available, our shutter windows can be easily customized to meet your needs and match the aesthetic of your barn.

The Benefits of Dutch Windows in Horse Barns

In this video, President and CEO of System Equine, Dwayne Job, explains how our high-quality Dutch windows work and why they are the best choice for your barn.