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Kerckhaert Aluminum Kings XT Toe

CAD $ 13.85$ 31.25
This multi-faced race plate provides options where they are needed the most with a 2mm grab.

Kerckhaert Aluminum Kings Flush Toe

CAD $ 14.00
This Multi-faced race plate provides options where they are needed the most

Kerckhaert Aluminum Century Support

CAD $ 25.00
A traditional round shape with sole relief, adapted for many different horses worldwide

Kerckhaert Aluminum Outer Rim

CAD $ 12.50$ 16.35
A popular option for the Standardbred trotters, helps keep the horse balanced and in rhythm

Kerckhaert Aluminum Tradition XT Toe

CAD $ 12.65$ 12.85
The most common front toe grab choice for Thoroughbreds

Kerckhaert Steel Century Big Foot

CAD $ 14.00$ 30.45
The Century Big Foot Draft shoe gives the benefit of a concave shoe with courser nail hole position of a 3/4 fuller

Kerckhaert Steel Classic Concave

CAD $ 11.17$ 13.58
Premium Concave shoe punched for E head nails

Kerckhaert Steel Classic Roller

CAD $ 20.00
Great base support in this half round style shoe most popular with Eventers

Kerckhaert Steel DF

CAD $ 12.95$ 38.50
Good for support when soft tissue problems are present

Kerckhaert Steel DF Grand Prix

CAD $ 15.25$ 15.95
Especially designed for the hunter jumper market

Kerckhaert Steel DF Select

CAD $ 15.25$ 18.00
Specifically made for the hunter jumper world, the heels are elongated and tappered.