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Equine Choice Vitamin E+ 1kg

CAD $ 109.00
Vitamin E with selenium an magnesium for proper metabolization

Equine Omega Complete Vitamin E 1 G

CAD $ 159.95
Liquid all-in-one supplement for horses requiring more vitamin E support

Herbs for Horses – Vitamin B1 1.36kg

CAD $ 32.00
Helps metabolize carbohydrates, fats, and proteins

Mad Barn – Natural Vitamin E 500g

CAD $ 75.00
Vitamin E is best known for its role as an antioxidant in horses

Mad Barn – MagneChrome (formerly IR-Pellet) 5kg

CAD $ 90.00
Provides nutritional support for horses with metabolic conditions

Mad Barn – Vitamin E & Selenium Pellet 2.5kg

CAD $ 80.00
A pelleted source of Vitamin E & Selenium to supplement your horse

Mad Barn – Magnesium Oxide

CAD $ 8.00$ 37.00
Supports proper muscle function and healthy nervous system

Jump Start Colostrum Paste 32 ml

CAD $ 19.95
For foals who require an extra boost at birth

Pharm Vet – Vitamin B1 Crumbles

CAD $ 28.95$ 119.95
Necessary for normal growth and skeletal muscle development

Pharm Vet – Vitamin E w/ Selenium Crumbles

CAD $ 54.95$ 124.95
Promotes muscular health and good muscle growth
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