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Herbs For Horses HOOFMaster Pellets

Leading formula for hoof growth with biotin, minerals, and amino acids

Select the Best – Nu-Hoof Maximizer

CAD $ 42.95$ 159.95
Contains optimal levels of key nutrients important to hoof quality

Mad Barn Zinc & Copper 3:1

CAD $ 30.00
A ratio of zinc to copper optimal for absorption

Mad Barn – w3 Omega 3 Oil 5L

CAD $ 67.00
Supports cardiovascular, skin, and joint health, and weight maintenance

Mad Barn – Three Amigos Essential Aminos 1kg

CAD $ 39.99
Lysine, methionine and threonine aminos for coat, hoof and more

Equine Omega Complete Vitamin E 1 G

CAD $ 159.95
Liquid all-in-one supplement for horses requiring more vitamin E support

Omega Alpha – EquiBody Glo 1L

CAD $ 35.00
Omega Alpha's oil supplement for horses

Herbs for Horses – Flax Oil 4L

CAD $ 68.00
Perfect oil supplement for overall health and weight gain

Mineral Oil 1 Gallon

CAD $ 34.95
A mild laxative to help with constipation and other obstructions
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