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Mad Barn – Visceral+

CAD $90.00CAD $160.00
Developed to help treat ulcers and prevent more ulcers from forming

Mad Barn Omeity Premix

CAD $55.00CAD $185.00
Complete vitamin and mineral mix in powder form

Mad Barn – Optimum Digestive Health

CAD $54.00CAD $92.00
Optimize hindgut health, increase nutrient absorption, and enhance immunity

Mad Barn – Optimum Probiotic

CAD $20.00

Mad Barn Optimum Probiotic is a 5 strain probiotic powder to help maintain good gut health.

Golden Horseshoe – Gut Soothe 4L

CAD $48.95
A calcium, magnesium, and zinc supplement to help with ulcers

Equine Choice – Acid FX

CAD $29.95CAD $74.95
Designed to temporarily alleviate acid splash

Equine Choice – Prebiotic + Probiotic

CAD $53.95CAD $114.95
Maintains fibre fermentation, hindgut function, and nutrient absorption

Equine Choice – Prebiotic + Probiotic – 80cc

CAD $23.95
Typically used as a loading dose for the daily granular supplement

Hawthorne – Glycerine & Peppermint

CAD $22.95
Soothes and lubricates air passages allowing for easier breathing
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