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Electric Fencing Installations

Electric fencing can be used either alone or in conjunction with non-electric fences. An electric fence creates more of a psychological barrier rather than a physical barrier and can be a very cost-effective choice for your operation.

Flex Fencing Installations

If you're looking for a beautiful fence that will withstand the test of time, have minimal maintenance, and be a safer option for your animals, you should consider our Flex fencing lineup. Back in 1987 we started installing fences using the Centaur Flexible Fencing System. We chose the product for its outstanding durability, and in fact most of our original installations are still fully functional with horses grazing happily within them.

Hardwood Fencing Installations

Wood fences are used in a wide variety of situations on farms, but are most commonly used in areas where there is potential for lots of animal pressure to be put on the fence, such as in corrals. They are excellent for show and sale rings and make good fences for stallion paddocks. Advantages of using hardwood fencing on your horse farm include high visibility, good aesthetics, and excellent strength.

High Tensile Wire Fencing Installations

High tensile wire is a very economical fencing choice for cattle and other livestock. It can be electrified or non-electrified, and can also be combined with other types of fencing or used on its own to create the ideal fence for your animals.

Pole Fencing Installations

Pole fences are beautiful and require very little maintenance. The wood weathers to a classic natural grey colour and looks great for years.

PVC Fencing Installations

PVC fencing is a rigid, white or light coloured fence that comes with a lifetime warranty due to its acclaimed durability. They create a very professional look when bordering riding rings, driveways, and property lines, adding an additional touch of elegance to any farm. Combine with electric strands for a beautiful pasture fence.

Wire Mesh Fencing Installations

Available in multiple options for a variety of applications, wire mesh is one of the safest fencing options available for horses and livestock—especially when combined with a hardwood, Flex, or thicker electric tape topline for visibility.
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