What To Consider When Installing a Board Fence

Are you building a board fence for your horse farm? At System Equine, we believe in building quality fence installations to keep your horses happy and safe. In this article, we take a closer look at some things to consider when installing a board fence for your horse farm.

Fence Rails

Let’s get started with the basics. Some standards for building a board fence can include the rails. You should always opt for an 8’ post and 6” diameter for the top of the posts. This can provide your fence with the means to achieve the longevity and stability needed for a longer-lasting fence installation.

Fence Posts

We recommend that you put the posts at 8’ on centre. Then, use 16’ boards and have the joints on the posts staggered. How it will work is one board starts at posts one and board 2 starts on post 2, so that all of the boards are not starting on the same post. You would then use an 8’ board from post 2 to post 1.


For a board fence installation to keep horses safe and contained, we do not recommend using Hemlock wood for fencing or stall lumber. Instead, fir, ash, and oak are all ideal options for fencing and stalls. The knots tend to be more stable and the boards last longer.

Fence Gates

For the gates of your board fence, we suggest that you use the largest post you can find in your area for the gate posts, which is where the post the gate hangs off of. Install the gate and have a block on the opposite post that the gate can rest on when in the closed position. This can help to take the pressure off of the gate post. For this, you can also use a two-way latch. The challenge with the two-way latch is that you may need to adjust often as the different seasons happen, as the gates and posts will move over time and with wear and tear.

Horse Fencing with System Equine

At System Equine, our experts are here to help you find the best horse fencing for your application. Keep your horses safe, happy and protected with the right fencing installation. Some of our high-quality horse fence solutions include:

• Board fences
• Flex Fencing
• PVC horse fence
• Wood horse fence
• Horse wire fencing
• Equine electric fence

Contact us today for more information or to get started.

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