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Drinking Post Ultimate Paddle & Riser

Regular paddle and training paddle for Ultimate Drinking Post

Drinking Post Ultimate Replacement Bowl

Replacement bowl for Ultimate or upgrade if you have older model

Drinking Post Ultimate Bowl and Paddle Upgrade Kit

Upgrade your Legacy bowl, filter, and paddle to the Ultimate

Drinking Post Ultimate Valve Kit

Upgrade your Legacy valve to this fully serviceable Ultimate valve kit

Drinking Post Legacy Waterer Bowl

Replacement bowl for the Drinking Post Waterer

Drinking Post Legacy Waterer Half Moon Replacement Paddle


Every Drinking Post Waterer comes with two paddles (one square and one round) to allow you to decide which style paddle works best for you.

The paddles are interchangeable.  Both paddles will work for all types of animals.  You can try them both and decide what your preference is.

For animals that tend to wash their mouth out with every bite, you may find the square paddle allows more room under the paddle to help keep things clean.

For mouthy animals that may try to grab hold of the paddle with their teeth and remove it from the bowl, the round paddle may be best, as they will not be able to physically get under the paddle to pull up.

Drinking Post Legacy Waterer Replacement Paddle

This is the Standard Paddle that ships with new Drinking Posts

Drinking Post Legacy Waterer Training Paddle

This paddle is available if your animal needs a touch of assistance in learning how to use Drinking Post