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Spectra – Mega Calm

CAD $ 64.95$ 216.95
Help calm your horse before stressful situations

Mad Barn – Natural Vitamin E 500g

CAD $ 75.00
Vitamin E is best known for its role as an antioxidant in horses

U-Gard Pellets

CAD $ 62.95$ 134.95
Stop gastric ulcers in their tracks!

Absorbine – UltraShield Green Natural Spray 950mL

CAD $ 32.95
Natural fly repellant with 7 essential ingredients

Adilize Show Bows

CAD $ 39.95
The perfect way to bling up your pony kid in the show ring

Amigo Insulator Plus Heavy 350g w Hood

CAD $ 190.00
Heavy stable blanket with neck cover for extra warmth

Antiqued Aztec Ladies Spur

CAD $ 79.95
Attractive contrast spur for ladies