Dutch Doors and Windows

The Strongest, Most Beautiful Dutch Doors and Windows on the Market

The chosen door for horse stables, and for good reason! Dutch Doors are ideal for barns because of the separately opening top and bottom. You can open the top to let in the refreshing outside air, while keeping the bottom shut to prevent escapees or animals of the night from getting into the barn.

Whether you’re looking for double Dutch Doors for the barn entrance, or a single Dutch Door for a stall, they come in so many different colours and combinations, you’re sure to find something that fits the style of your barn!

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Check out our door hardware...

Building your own door? The quality of our Dutch door and window hardware is the best around. Heavy duty adjustable hinges allow you to fully manipulate any warping of the door, and our 16" Rockwood heavy duty hinges—manufactured by yours truly—will provide you with enough strength for the heaviest of doors while maintaining that classic hinge look. 


You know the struggle. The struggle to push, pull or lift on a “quirky” horse barn door to make it open. Wouldn’t it be great if even the oldest barn doors worked the way they’re supposed to?
What if someone designed an adjustable door that remains easy to open, even as the building around it ages and shifts?


A safe door is a door that opens without a fight. A horse barn door should allow for swift and simple access for people, horses and other animals in and out of the stalls.
We open barn doors every day, several times a day, so they need to always be performing their best! Situations with horses can happen quickly,
so you need a barn door you don’t have to waste time with when time is of the essence.


Our Dutch doors are designed to be adjusted should your barn warp or shift over time, resulting in a perfect fit, no matter the circumstance!
When you notice your door getting a little rough to open, the hinges are easy to adjust.

Unmatched Strength

All of our painted doors use galvanized steel under a durable powder coat paint, enabling them to offer a longer lifespan. In fact, they’re our strongest door on the market!
The door frame around our Dutch Doors is designed like a commercial door-jamb. These doors also contain a heavy-duty, yet easy to use, latch system!
They lock with an internal pin for a tidy appearance and ease of opening. They’re easy to open because of the Delran plastic bushing in the center hole of the stainless-steel hinge pin.
This allows it to swing open smoothly for many years to come!


Double Dutch barn doors comes with cane bolts to affix one door, while you use the other door to open and close. Cane bolts can also be used to hold the doors in the open position.
Spring-loaded latches are used for the top door that does not regularly open. With the bottom and the top of the door securely locked in place, the one door easily can be used continuously.
The split in the bottom and top of the dutch doors are held together with a magnetic latch.


Windows allow your horse air, light and socialization with the outside world. We provide different styles of windows for varying climates and situations.
All of our windows have a heavy-duty overlapping frame, sill and weather stripping around the entire window! Like our stall doors, the windows come with adjustable hinges, so you never have to worry about fighting with it.
The horse barn Dutch windows available at System Equine are also fully-equipped with safe and durable window grates. These grates enable your horse to look outside, while keeping them safe and protected from the elements.
These windows can be completely opened, allowing your horse to stick his or her head outside on a warm, sunny day.

Style a Door to Fit Your Unique Needs!

Are you building your own door? Our Dutch Door hardware quality is the best around! Our heavy-duty adjustable hinges allow you to always have a smoothly opening door.
The 16” Rockwood heavy-duty hinges will support even the heaviest doors while maintaining a classic hinge look.
Give us a call or send us an email to talk with an experienced sales representative and start designing your perfect barn doors and windows!

Dutch Doors and Windows
Dutch Doors and Windows