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Herbs for Horses – Mobility Plus Dry

CAD $ 98.00
Powder form of the best selling Mobility Liquid

TRM- Good As Gold 500g

CAD $ 59.95
Calming feed additive for anxious horses

Spectra – Mega Calm

CAD $ 64.95$ 216.95
Help calm your horse before stressful situations

TRM – Good As Gold 1.5 kg

CAD $ 149.95
A natural calming supplement for hot or nervous horses

Herbs for Horses – Vitamin B1 1.36kg

CAD $ 32.00
Helps metabolize carbohydrates, fats, and proteins

Mad Barn – Natural Vitamin E 500g

CAD $ 75.00
Vitamin E is best known for its role as an antioxidant in horses

Mad Barn – Magnesium Oxide

CAD $ 8.00
Supports proper muscle function and healthy nervous system

Kentucky Performance Products – Ker-A-Form

CAD $ 64.95
Supports the health of hooves, coat, mane, and tail

Mad Barn Omneity Premix

CAD $ 55.00$ 185.00
Complete vitamin and mineral mix in powder form

Mad Barn – Optimum Probiotic

CAD $ 20.00$ 135.00
Mad Barn Optimum Probiotic is a 5 strain probiotic powder to help maintain good gut health

Finish Line – Apple A Day Electrolytes

CAD $ 26.95$ 69.95
No sugar electrolytes great for all horses, even the easy keeper

Herbs for Horses – Breathe 1KG

CAD $ 79.00
Great supplement for reducing respiratory problems