Choosing a Waterer For Your Horse Stall Systems

Are your barn and horse stall systems in need of an upgraded watering solution? Keep your horses happy and healthy with a premium waterer for your horse stalls. In this article, we review some of the best options and why you might want to consider them. For more assistance or if you have a question, contact System Equine today.


The use of buckets is the easiest way to monitor a horse’s water intake, but it is the most labor intensive option.

  • Consider how you will hang your buckets in the barn stalls:
  • Choose a colour that allows you to see the dirt and grime
  • Will you need heated buckets to keep the water from freezing?
  • Choose an HD rubber bucket for those horses that are hard on buckets


Automatic Waterers (for horse barns that remain above freezing)

While a less labor-intensive option, an automatic waterer does not allow you to monitor the water intake of your horses. This option is fed automatically through ½“ water lines that generally are not heated. Your horse barn will need to remain above freezing for the waterers to work. There are also various styles to consider, based on your horse’s habits.

Push Bowls

These automatic waterers are activated by pushing down onto a valve or paddle. These bowls are generally easier to clean as there is limited water left in the bowl as the animal drinks. Choose from cast iron, plastic or metal and remember to consider where your water line will attach to the bowl.

Float Bowls

With this option, the water level is regulated by a float that can be adjusted. This bowl may be a bit trickier to clean, but if your horse is not used to pressing down on a paddle to drink, this is a great solution. Float bowls are also available in cast iron, plastic or metal and generally, the water lines come in from the side.

Heated Automatic Waterers

If your equine barn and horse stalls drop in temperature, there is a risk of water freezing or you are looking for something that requires the least amount of work, heated automatic waterers would be the solution for your horse barn. Keep in mind though, the water lines still need to be kept from freezing. Heated automatic waterers are based on lines using the ground heat and, hence, are generally installed from lines that are installed well below the ground level of your stall floor. These heated waterers are most often installed in new barn constructions.

System Equine

Is it time for a new waterer for your horse stalls and horse barn? Visit or contact System Equine today. The equine experts in our tack store would be more than happy to assist you in finding the right watering solutions for your horse barn. Our equine barn and farm solutions don’t end there, either. We have everything you could need to ensure the health and happiness of your horse, from dutch doors and dutch windows, to paddock fencing, stall matts, and so much more.

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