5 Things Every Horse Wash Stall Needs

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It’s no secret, horses aren’t the cleanest animals. As responsible horse owners and lovers, it’s our responsibility to keep them clean, happy and healthy. There’s no better way to wash your horse and keep them clean, than with a functional wash stall.

Whether you’re revamping an existing wash stall or building a modern horse barn from the ground up, here are five things that every horse wash stall should have.

1. Flooring

Horses require flooring that is even and sturdy, especially while being washed and groomed. For the flooring inside your wash stall, we suggest installing high-quality stall mats overtop of a cement floor with proper drainage.

These mats can provide your horses with more supportive flooring, giving their muscles and joints some relief. It can also help to keep them from slipping on wet surfaces. Not only do they create a safer environment for your horse, but it’s also easier to clean and maintain. The easier it is to clean, the less risk of bacteria and mould, which can also help to keep your wash stalls smelling fresh and clean.

While the health and safety of your horses should always be held as a top priority, you may be working within the means of a set budget. To ensure that you provide your horses with the best environment for their grooming and washing, while not breaking the bank, speak with our experts at System Equine today. We can walk you through the solutions available to you when planning and building your horse wash stalls, along with any other barn design initiatives you may have.

2. Bars and Shelving

The installation of bars and shelving can provide your wash stalls with additional function, safety and organization. Bars can be used to hang blankets, towels, boots, polos, and other items. Our Wash Stall Blanket Bars for sale at System Equine provide wash stalls with a heavy-duty blanket bar, designed with durability and longevity in mind.

Strong enough to withstand the toughest environments, these bars are:

The right shelving can undoubtedly help you to keep items organized and safely stored within the wash stall area. From cleaning supplies to brushes and more, store them properly with a wash stall shelf that is durable, resistant to water and properly secured to the wall.

3. Hose Accessories

While every horse wash stall needs a hose and steady flow of water to keep horses clean, many overlook the accessories that can help you to store your hose and even help to maximize overall hose function. A heavy-duty hose holder can provide you with a space to store your hose properly, keeping it off the ground so you and your horse don’t step or trip on it, while preserving the quality and integrity of the hose. The use of a wash stall hose guide can also help to keep your hose up and off the floor, while preventing tangling and further disorganization.

wash wand can add another measure of safety to your wash stall and horse barn. The wand is designed to rotate during use, preventing you and your horse from tripping on the hose when underfoot, as it is installed to and hangs from the ceiling.

4. Hardware

Further maximize the function and safety of your wash stall with the right hardware. Keep your horse properly secured while being washed with the installation of wall-mounted hitching rings. These rings can withstand a tremendous amount of pull and offers you a tie spot wherever you need it.

Here are three for you to shop from:

For more information about hardware for your horse wash stalls, speak with an expert at System Equine today.

5. Heaters

An essential piece of equipment for any horse wash stall area, high-quality heaters can help to keep your horses warm and comfortable while they are being washed and groomed. Many heaters are also provided with the ability to cool, heat and dry, making them multi-functional and a great asset for just about any barn.

Horse Wash Stalls at System Equine

Did you find the information in this article useful? Visit our blog for more about caring for your horse, barn design and equine fencing, among many other topics. Whether you’re looking to create a horse spa environment inside of the wash stall area or it’s time for new horse stable design, our team at System Equine can help you get started.

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