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Your horses will spend a significant amount of time within the safety and comfort of their stall. When your horses aren't eating, resting or enjoying company from their neighbours in the next stall, chances are they will want to look out the window and gaze at their surroundings. With the installation of the right window grills, your horse can safely enjoy their surroundings, warm sunshine and a light breeze!

At System Equine, we are proud to offer a wide selection of window grills that are designed and manufactured for horse stalls. You can count on the safety, comfort and durability that our wide selection of window grills can provide.

The Features

The Benefits

The health, safety and happiness of your horses should always come first. One of the best ways to keep your horses safe and happy while in their stall, is with a window. To ensure that the window is safe and secure, while also allowing the horse to look outside and enjoy a fresh breeze, you may want to consider installing a custom-fit window grill.

Window grills can offer many wonderful benefits, for horses and barns of all shapes and sizes!

Enjoy the convenience of opening the windows in your horse stalls, without worrying about the safety of your horse. Our window grills are crafted using top-quality materials that are chosen with durability and strength in mind.

Window grills offer a style and appeal that is truly timeless. This is one investment that is designed to last, as they are built with optimal longevity in mind. With a timeless appeal, you won’t have to worry about an outdated look anytime soon.

Our window grills are available in many styles, finishes and sizes. Finding the right window for your horse barn stalls has never been so simple! Simply gather your measurements and identify what you would like from your window installation – and our team will handle the rest!

Our window grills are finely crafted using some of the best and most robust materials available on the market. With a design that is chosen to stand up to the toughest of horses and harshest of elements, you can enjoy your window grill installation for many years to come.

The health, safety and happiness of your horses is paramount. Allowing them to look outside, enjoy the fresh air and experience the warm sunshine from within their stall will undoubtedly contribute toward their overall quality of life.

What better way to allow a breeze into your horse barn and stalls, than by opening a window or two? With window grills, you can open the windows with confidence, knowing that your horses will be kept safe and sound.

Types of Window Grills

Find the best window grill installation for your horses, stalls and barn with System Equine.

Fixed Window Grill

Our fixed window grills are as strong and robust as they come. Installed directly into your window, these grills stay in place without the option to open or close. This option is ideal for rambunctious horses or to provide extra protection from the elements.

Enjoy a fresh breeze, warm sunshine and a view of the outdoors, with a fixed window grill.

Opening Window Grill

This window grill is designed with flexibility and user preference in mind. Easily keep the grill closed, locked and secured, or open as needed. This approach can allow your horse to place their head through the window and really enjoy the benefits of the great outdoors.

Our selection of opening window grills are available in a number of colour, size and finish options, to meet the needs of your unique application.

CUSTOM Window Grill

Ensure a safe, clean and comfortable environment within the stalls in your horse barn. The right window grill installation can protect your windows from unnecessary damage and horse from broken glass, along with a number of other key benefits.

Collaborate with us to create the perfect window grill for your specific circumstance.

Effortless Maintenance

Learn how to clean the window grills in a horse stall.


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