Rockington Stall Series

 Combines the best features from our Rockwood and Wellington stalls.

ABOUT THE Rockington Stall Series

Introducing the Rockington Stall Series, a harmonious blend of strength and elegance that seamlessly combines the durability of our Rockwood Stall Series with the timeless European-inspired style of the Wellington Stall Series. Crafted for high-use training and boarding facilities, the Rockington ensures unparalleled safety with hidden welds and robust construction. Its clean lines and meticulous craftsmanship exude sophistication, making it the ultimate choice for those seeking a stall front that embodies both resilience and refinement. Elevate your equine environment with the Rockington and experience the perfect balance of strength and style in a single, exceptional design.

Part of our Classic Collection

Lockable Horseshoe Latch

Attractive and easy
to install and operate.


The galvanization process coats the
stalls with a protective zinc layer,
shielding them from rust and corrosion
caused by moisture and environmental elements.

Adjustable Hinges

Utilizes a Delrin bushing:

  • Exceptional strength, low friction,
    and resistance to wear
  • Ensures smooth & quiet door operation

Features of the Rockington Stall Series

The safety and function of your barn is dependent on the features within your stalls. Crafted with reliability and durability in mind, these are the must-have features for your horse stalls.


Premium materials and hardware are exclusively chosen for all our horse stalls, to ensure the function and long-lasting reliability.


Showcase the colours of your barn or your own personal style with hot-dipped galvanized or coloured powder-coated finished. All horse stall designs can be customized to your needs and liking!


Each stall is designed to allow your horse the opportunity for both entertainment and socialization with other horses, while keeping them safely divided with partitions, windows and doors.

Rockington Stall Series


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"We take every possible step to build value into the products we produce, from inventive safe latches, to hidden welds and unique designs. We are always looking for the best materials, products, and most advanced ways of building."
Kevin Job, VP of Production