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Located in Wellington, Florida, this private facility is the epitome of sophistication and equine luxury. Built in 2022 by Wordley Martin, it showcases a meticulous blend of modern design and top-tier craftsmanship, making it a true gem in the equestrian community. Collaborating with System Equine for stall, door, and window installations, the barn exudes a distinctive charm that sets it apart.


Stall Fronts

Six stunning Coteaux Series stall fronts, featuring decorative top and bottom flanges, adorn the interior of the facility. Each front is a masterpiece, boasting custom arched grill work on the top of each door and wing. The 6″ square steel partition posts, complete with outlet cutouts and hitching rings, add both practicality and elegance. Brown recycled plastic lumber fill in each stall front, vented on the bottom half of each door, not only contributes to the overall aesthetics but will look great and last for decades.


Inside the Stalls

Step inside the stalls, and you’ll discover a world of comfort and innovation. A flexible automatic push bowl waterer graces each stall, providing horses with a constant supply of fresh water. A fan can be found in each stall to help combat the hot Florida climate. Custom metal water pipe covers, manufactured by System Equine, add a touch of refinement in addition to being a great safety feature. The flat/flat rubber stall mat flooring ensures a comfortable and safe environment for the horses. Four of the stalls feature single paddock walk-through Dutch doors leading to outdoor paddocks, while the remaining two boast shutter windows with angle and interior chew frames, all masterfully crafted by System Equine.



The partitions within the barn are elegant and functional. There are five privacy partitions, one of which is located along the aisleway and features decorative flanges to match the stall fronts. The grooming stall features a decorative grilled partition. Brown recycled plastic lumber fill further enhances the visual appeal.


Other Details

To maintain a cohesive and sophisticated look, all powder-coated elements, including stalls, partitions, door and partition posts, the custom water pipe cover, and the hitching rings on the partition posts, are finished in a matching custom brown colour known as “Cinderblock Brown.” The grooming stall, in addition to its distinctive features, also boasts a fan and shutter window with brown recycled plastic lumber fill and angle and interior chew frames, completing the overall picture of opulence and style.


This private facility is not merely a stable; it is a statement—a demonstration of the dedication of its owners to provide an unparalleled living experience for their equine companions. In every detail, from the choice of materials to the thoughtful design, this facility stands as a beacon of high-end sophistication in the heart of Florida’s equestrian community.

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