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Welcome to Tamarack Ridge Farm in Mono, ON 🇨🇦

Tamarack Ridge Farm is a stunning private equestrian facility in Mono, Ontario, that is home to a variety of horses and ponies. Built in 2020 by POST Structures, the barn contains 12 Wellington stalls with a grilled window in each, three full wash stalls, a feed room, a tack room, and an expansive arena. System-made and System-supplied products can be found all throughout each space. Read the full barn profile to find out all the details about this beautiful and inviting facility.

Stall Fronts

The main goal for this space was a calm, open, and light-filled environment, so the owner chose the painted Wellington stalls with bottom flanges and horseshoe latches. Horses can safely put their heads out into the aisle to see the goings-on of the barn while still keeping their distance from other horses, thanks to the Wellington stall design. To keep the whole barn continuous, two custom pony stalls were installed with a removable top grill portion to allow even the smallest members of the farm to not feel confined to a small space (you can see one of these pony stalls in the photo showing the inside of the stall front).


In the Stalls

There are large custom windows to allow as much natural light as possible into the space. The windows are also fitted with large opening grills, which fit the barn’s aesthetic while also keeping the animals inside safe. Each stall also has its own heat recovery ventilator to cycle out stale air and filter incoming air. Privacy partitions were chosen over grilled or solid partitions between the stalls to give the horses and ponies the option of whether they wanted to interact with their neighbours or stay private. Each stall is fitted with a blanket bar to keep various blankets handy for turn-in and turn-out.



Upon entering the barn as well as into the arena, Dutch door hardware adds a durable and elegant touch, with hinges and latches manufactured by System and the cane bolt, spring bolt/latch, and bottom sweep all purchased from System. Fans placed throughout the barn allow for increased air circulation. Feed room doors are equipped with sliding door hardware, allowing for ample space utilization and increased accessibility.



Two double arena doors allow for swift and simple access into the arena for both people and horses. These System-made doors offer unmatched strength and durability to provide a longer lifespan, allowing them to swing open smoothly for many years to come. In the arena you’ll also find another double Dutch door as well as a single Dutch door made by POST using System hardware. The property is also home to a round pen with customizable panels supplied by System Equine to create a simple and effective training space for the horse and rider (not pictured).


Wash Stalls

Tamarack Ridge Farm has three full wash stalls, so very rarely does anybody have to wait in line to use one. The addition of Trusscore PVC to the walls allows for a clean and easy-to-maintain surface that is also very sleek-looking. Various items, such as brooms, muck buckets, and crossties, were supplied for everyday use. The custom blanket bars have a metal mesh box for easy drying of stored products and tools. Also, hitching rings with plates were installed to safely attach crossties, and custom window grills were added that maintain the integrity of the windows without compromising aesthetics. Finally, each of the three wash stalls has its own solarium that can be used for light therapy and to heat, cool, and/or dry the horses.

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