Selah Equestrian

935 Farr Street, Fenwick, ON L0S 1C0

Welcome to Selah Equestrian

Selah Equestrian is a family-owned elite private boarding and training facility offering various services and catering to multiple disciplines. The customers aimed to design a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing separate space for their personal horses away from boarders with practicality and efficiency in mind.

Stall Fronts

The Wellington Stall Series was chosen for its open-concept feel, allowing horses to enjoy the social atmosphere of the barn while preventing them from actually being able to touch each other. The plunger latches mean the doors can slam shut, and the night latches provide an extra layer of security.

In the Stalls

The privacy partitions allow for a quiet place to eat and rest but also provide socialization when desired. StableComfort flooring in each stall not only provides unsurpassed comfort, it also cuts down on time spent mucking as well as volume of shavings required. The clients are so pleased with StableComfort that they are considering making the switch in their boarder barn as well! They opted to include a smaller stall with a full grill door for optimum ventilation for the resident pony. The built-in water taps make watering a breeze and opening window grills provide an easy way to clean the insides of windows. Tongue & groove ash lumber was chosen for the stalls and stall back walls for durability and a polished look.


Interlocking I-tiles in the aisleways and grooming stall provide a cushioned floor that is easy to clean and resistant to the wear and tear of high traffic areas. The use of multiple colours allows customers to customize their barn’s flooring as they wish.


Ribcore PVC was selected for the ceiling, which perfectly compliments the high ceilings to create a bright and airy space. This material choice also allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Windows & Doors

Window grills were installed inside the stalls to protect the integrity of the windows while still allowing for ventilation and natural light. The window grills are fit with a latch and hinges to easily access the window for cleaning or repairs when needed. The accent of Dutch door hardware on the doors in the main entryway adds to the overall aesthetic of the property as well as the durability of the doors intended to last.


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