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726614 Township Road 3, Princeton, ON N0J 1V0

Welcome to Princeton Farms

Princeton Farms is a family-owned and operated breeding facility located in Princeton, Ontario. Their focus is breeding top-quality Standardbreds and they offer yearling sale preparation to outside clients. Princeton Farms provides the highest standard of daily care, breeding and foaling services to their own broodmares and accepts broodmares from external owners. This facility utilized various System Equine products and services to design an efficient and functional space for their operation.

Stall Fronts

The clients opted for the Freedom Stall Series, a high-strength option to withstand wear and tear while allowing for countless customization options suited to their individual barn’s needs. Full grill stall doors with a Nobleman ‘V’ were chosen to easily keep an eye on their mares and foals and give the horses an option to look into the aisle.


In the Stalls

Solid channeled partitions were chosen between stalls to provide privacy for the mares and foals. Each stall is completed with a large barn Dutch window that overlooks the property. This window can be fully opened to allow the horses to look outside or be slightly propped open with a window prop prototype by System Equine. This unique feature has the strength to allow for the window to be left propped open to increase natural ventilation in the barn.



Shockline fencing was used for the paddocks inside the racetrack. All other paddocks have Shockline electric coated wire fencing with a Flex topline. Electric combined with high break strength creates a highly durable fencing system that is ideal for housing yearlings. A specialized area on the property was fenced with 4-rail Flex fencing, which offers a sleek backdrop to take yearling sale videos. Hay OptiMizers in the paddocks encourage slow and relaxed eating, and they are effortless and quick to refill with two small square bales.


Other Features

A single Dutch door allows for accessible entrance into the barn. The clear window for the top half means more natural light can enter the barn even in the colder months. Inside the barn is a cozy viewing room with a large TV that serves as a comfortable spot to sit down and review the yearling sale videos.

Princeton Farms has many mouths to feed; therefore, they have installed an automatic grain dispenser inside the barn. Buying grain in bulk has reduced both cost and waste, and this feeding system increases feeding efficiency to save time. One of the barns on-site also has a swimming pool for the horses, which is an excellent tool for strength training and rehabilitation after injury.

We love the System stalls and have gotten a lot of positive feedback, and we loved dealing with Dwayne. No complaints!
Princeton Farms
Jesse Belore

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