Pelham Private

Welcome to a Private Facility in Pelham, ON

This barn is a 2-3 horse private hunter jumper facility. The customer wanted to create a space that made caring for the horses on the property accessible and also considered horse movement, water management in the colder months, and senior horse management.

Stall Fronts

This barn features two Rockwood stalls with V doors and feed doors. This stall design combines top quality and aesthetic appeal to fit the functional environment that the customer was hoping for.

In the Stalls

StableComfort stallmattress flooring was chosen to help support senior horses’ joints. Both stalls have a walkthrough Dutch door connected to a single dry paddock, providing horses with the choice to be inside or outside if left open. The design of the door allows the horses to be in an open, airy space with the bottom half of the door closed. Heated Nelson waterers were chosen to keep water flowing in the cold winter months.

In the barn

A large double Dutch door was installed at the main entrance of the barn. In the summer, the open top door allows for airflow and a cooler environment while maintaining security with the bottom door closed. Rather than a full tack room, the customer opted for a tack wall with saddle racks, crosstie plates, and System-exclusive heavy-duty bridle racks.


From the stalls, the horses have direct access to a dry paddock and a larger grass paddock. Outside, the horses have access to a frost-free, electricity-free automatic waterer between the paddocks, giving the horses access to water in both places while only needing one waterer. Installation of both the hardwood board fencing and stalls on this property were completed by Post Time Services; one of the many System-approved installation crews across Canada.

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