Welcome to North Star in East Aurora, NY 🇺🇸

North Star is a facility that we worked with from start to finish.

The best fencing combination and layout…

The client decided on four rails of 5″ Flex Fence PLUS with a Shockline electric coated wire topline to protect the tops of the cedar posts as well as to increase respect for the fence in general. We love this fence combination and the matching black painted posts. The five-post rounded corners are an added safety feature which ensure horses don’t have the means to pin one another in the corners, which can result in injury or worse.

The fencing on this property is divided into two sections. On one side of the barn you will find six large pastures designed to be home for broodmares and foals living outside almost exclusively. Each pasture features a frost-free hydrant at the entrance and a heated Nelson automatic waterer inside as well as a large run-in shed with gate so that the horses can be safely enclosed during severe weather. The run-in sheds also feature mud grids to keep the ground as dry as possible during the wetter seasons.

The 12 individual paddocks on the other side of the barn are set up for daily turnout. These enclosures don’t have run-in sheds since the horses that use them return to a stall in the barn each night. Each paddock and their gate is optimally located in relation to the barn to ensure maximally efficient turn in/out of the equine residents by staff.

The nicest and most functional stall front…

The client chose one of our most luxurious stall fronts for her barn’s 26 stalls; the Coteaux Stall Series offers more security than the typical European-inspired design and includes the following features:

  • Stainless steel round caps top each steel post (this is an upgrade, painted caps come standard)
  • Swinging Dutch-style door with four adjustable hinges that each feature a Delrin bushing ensuring smooth door operation for many years to come (standard Coteaux feature)
  • Adjustable spring-loaded plunger latch that can easily be operated using one hand from outside or inside the stall—in our experience horses simply aren’t able to manipulate this latch (standard Coteaux feature)
  • Foot-operated night latch at the bottom of the stall door used for added security and peace of mind when required (standard Coteaux feature)
  • Easy-open swinging feed door (upgrade)
  • Beautiful dark-stained tongue-and-groove ash (upgrade)

What you’ll find inside each of the 26 stalls…

  • A custom water line cover on the inside of the stall front keeps pipes from being damaged by the residing equines while they sip happily from one of two buckets that are filled using the two knobs on the outside of the stall front—it’s the best of both worlds: fill buckets automatically, but still know how much each horse is drinking every day
  • Rubber mats cover all three walls to a height of 4 feet to physically protect horses that may otherwise be injured if they were to kick the solid concrete wall without a rubber mat on top
  • A custom barn window featuring a curved top, adjustable hinges (the same ones as are on the stalls), a magnetic latch for easy operation, our new shatter-resistant glass with no bars for easy cleaning, and a beautiful view of Niagara Falls in the distance
  • Block concrete partitions with a unique custom grill in the middle act as privacy partitions so that the horses have the choice of socialization or solitude depending on their mood or personality

Exploring the rest of the barn…

The four (two sets of two side-by-side) tack/wash stalls include custom tie post systems each with the following features:

  • Built-in hitching ring for cross ties
  • Chevron-shaped bar for ergonomically holding saddles at a convenient height
  • Segmented box underneath for storing grooming tools, potions, and bathing supplies (with stained ash that matches the stalls)
  • Interlocking rubber mats for a seamless floor that is easy to sweep, shock-absorbing, and non-slip when wet
  • Integrated tack hook for bridles and other accessories
  • Stainless steel finials on both end posts

We are very proud of the completely custom automated sliding arena door designed specifically for this extravagant project.

We hope you have enjoyed this virtual tour of North Star in East Aurora, NY.

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