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Creech Equestrian is a high-performance facility home to FEI-level dressage horses and up-and-coming young horses. The clients designed a custom stall front for their barn that considered safety, airflow, practicality, aesthetic appeal and, above all, wellness for the horses. This barn makes efficient use of its space with 14 horse stalls while still allowing each horse to have an open and inviting space.

Stall Fronts

The clients opted for custom stalls fronts that included elements of the Des Coteaux and Venetian stall series. This stall front features a unique centred hinged door with vented wood on the door to contribute to airflow. Each horse can comfortably see outside their stalls and into the aisle for socialization. The design combines the functionality of the Des Coteaux and the European elegance of the Venetian to create a space that is truly one of a kind.

In the Stalls

StableComfort was installed on the floors of the stalls to provide ultimate comfort for the horses. This product offers a supportive, even surface that acts as a barrier against the dampness of the concrete floors and reduces the need for more bedding, improving stable air quality. Both solid channeled partitions and grilled partitions were chosen between the stalls, allowing for privacy or socialization depending on the individual horse. Each stall has a Dutch window with shatter-resistant glass, which makes the addition of window grills less of a requirement. This provides the horses with mental stimulation and fresh air from outside.


Arena footing was done by Karen Leeming of FootingFirst.

In the Barn

Keystone flooring was installed in the aisle ways providing a sturdy and durable footing for both horses and farm equipment and adding to the overall aesthetic of the barn’s interior. Trusscore PVC was installed on the barn’s ceiling and wash stall walls. This product helps to create an open and airy feeling in the barn and provides a hygienic and easy-to-clean surface inside the wash stalls. The clients opted for a custom water line cover outside each stall, maintaining the sleek and sophisticated look.


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