Horse Stall Partitions

We provide the best partition options for you and your horses.

Choosing partitions often depends on a few factors, such as the desired level of socialization between stalls, ventilation requirements, whether you require the option to change the size of your stalls as needed, and of course, personal preferences.

Grilled partitions are a great way to provide stalled horses with socialization and entertainment. They are an easy way to increase ventilation, thereby reducing the risk of respiratory issues in stalled horses. Privacy partitions provide all the benefits of grilled partitions, but also give horses the option of socialization or privacy, which can be especially important during dinnertime. Solid partitions are often used in aisleways, in stalls housing stallions, and in quarantine barns. They are best used in well ventilated facilities. You can also opt for a solid partition to directly eliminate defensive behavior between stalled horses.

Feel free to contact us by phone or email to speak with one of our experienced sales reps about your partition options. They will ask you questions about your horses and barn, then direct you to the best options for your operation.


Stall fronts in the Classic Collection have their own specific partitions, meanwhile stall fronts in the Free-Standing Collection use Panel Partitions, and stall fronts in the Designer Swing and Slide Collections use Designer Partitions..

How to Choose the Right Partition for Your Facility

Essential for a safe and functional barn, horse stall partitions are the only thing between an altercation between two horses. When choosing your partition, you will need to know the type of horses going in the stalls and your ultimate goal for the barn. At System Equine, we have three main types of partitions and many variations from them.

Solid Partitions

Solid partitions provide durable walls between one stall and the next stall. Used in boarding barns where you do not know what horse is going to be beside what horse

Grilled Partitions

A grilled wall is half wood and half grilled to match the front of the stall. Grilled section can be bars or mesh. Wood below the grills are typically 48" to 52" in height.

Privacy Partitions

A privacy horse stall partition is a combination of a solid wall and a grilled wall. The solid part lets a horse eat in peace or lets them put there head up there when they do not want to socialize and grilled part for ventilation and socialization. We typically put the solid part at the front of the stalls for two reasons. The front is typically were your are feeding them. The grill at the back allows for the ventilation to create circulation effect.

What to Consider

There are a number of things to consider with your partitions:

No matter your needs or preferences, we can help you design the interior of your barn. Give us a call for more information or help with your horse stall partitions.