Tack Room

Your stable tack room is where you keep all of your tack—all of the equipment needed for your horse. This includes your saddles, bridles, stirrups, reins, halters, bits, and any other equipment. When designing the room, a number of thought processes go into the design spacing and set up of the area.

Boarding Facility
Many different people using the space, they may not know each other and then may use the tack often or not very often. In these situations, there a number of considerations. One solution may be adding tack boxes that can be locked. You can build them into the stall fronts, have multiple rooms close to the stalls that they can rent or a have a centralized room with many tack boxes. The options are endless.

Show Facility
Think of a power tack wall with nice racks, full-length bridle displays and trophy cases. Or a swinging tack wall that protects the tack but can be swung around for presentation.

Working Training Facility
Easy access out in the open for easy tack up and put away. Grooming stalls built with saddle racks, reins holders and liniments and shampoos within easy access.

Hobby Farm
Integrate the tack room in with the viewing lounge. Not only does it look great, but it‘s also all heated.

When putting together your tack room, you want to make certain it has the space needed to hold all of this equipment. To assist you with that, you can invest in various racks, hooks, carts, and other products to help you organize your tack. We provide many of these products, including the following:

Saddle and Blanket Racks

Keeping your saddles up and out of the way not only helps prevent them from damage, but it can also ensure that you or someone else doesn’t accidentally back into one and fall over it. There are various different saddle racks, including those designed for multiple saddles. Racks are available in English and Western. Saddle pad holders can be integrated into the racks for duel storage. Some are made from metal, while others are built out of wood. You can select the material that matches your horse stall gates, horse stall doors, and other parts of your barn. You can also install several blanket bars to keep your blankets up off the floor. Blanket racks are available in folding, flip down, swinging in individual ones or multiple racks. Blanket racks can be made for full length drying of blankets or for folding and storing the blankets. A well stored blanket will last a lot longer and stay cleaner then piling them in a corner.

Bridle Hooks

Bridle hooks are useful for holding various items such as halters, bridles, and anything else you may have need of in your tack room. You can purchase single bridles hooks if you only need a few, or you can buy racks that have four, six, or more hooks on them if you need to hang multiple items. Bridle hooks are perfect for placing around your tack room in convenient spots so you can keep items up off the floor and always know where everything is. If you are looking for a good bridle rack, keep in mind that it should allow the leather to nicely curve and not kink. You should also decide if you want to have a full hanging bridle and loop back over multiple times.

Rolling Carts, Shelves and Baskets

You’re sure to have some items you need to store that can’t go on hooks, though. For these items, your tack room needs a rolling cart or two. These carts are perfect for holding items such as your horse shampoo, brushes, and other grooming items. You can simply roll the cart over to the horse wash stalls and then return it after you’re done. There are even rolling carts that include a saddle holder so you can pack up everything you need and move it to another area. For stationary storage, you’ll find many different shelves and baskets you can hang on the wall. You can even add a hanging boot organizer so your riding boots are always kept up off the floor!

Trunks and Lockers

Finally, if you want large storage solutions that can be closed and locked, you may want to consider a trunk or a locker. These durable wooden options will protect anything from potential damage or theft, especially once you lock them up. The inside of many of these lockers can be customized with saddle racks, bridle hooks, shelves, drawers, and anything else you might need. They’re the ultimate in tack room organization. Trucks can even double as seating or as a workspace when the lid is closed, plus you can pack them up and take them with you if you need to transport your tack.

Tack Room Solutions at System Equine

Looking for the perfect storage solution for your tack room? Check out what we have available.

Saddles in a Tack Room