Performance Equestrian Electric Braid Horse Fence

Marine grade polyester with a braided inner core and outer core
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This easy-to-install polyester braided horse rope's patented design allows for re-energization of broken sections. It features UV stability, a 1,600lbs break strength per line, and a braided inner core and outer core. It is also durable; it will not be damaged by moisture or mildew.


  • Patented braiding technology provides continuous conductivity in the event of an outer braid separation
  • In the event of a broken wire or separation of the outer core, the inner core will re-energize any number of broken sections
  • UV stabilized marine grade polyester with high strength and durability
  • Polyester is not damaged by moisture and is impervious to rot and mildew
  • Suitable for high and semi high tensile applications
  • Easier to install than wire or vinyl rail fence
  • Low maintenance
  • 20 year limited manufacturer's warranty
  • The only braided product that consists of a braided inner core and braided outer sheath; this combination provides one of the highest breaking tensiles available

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