Nelson - Model 540se Stainless Steel Wall-Mount Feeder

Stainless steel wall feeder with heavy-duty cast aluminum cover and bottom and removeable bowl
CA$ 519.00
Usually ships in 2-3 days

The Nelson Model 540se wall feeder has a flat backside and is designed to mount directly to a flat surface. It can be mounted in the middle of a stall partition, in the corner of a stall, on most swing out feeder doors or on a fence - on any flat surface strong enough to support the feeder.

  • No-rust, stainless steel construction lasts a lifetime and looks new after years of service. No more painted feeders that chip and rust or plastic feeders that scratch and break.
  • A 13-quart, removable stainless steel feed bowl that can be cleaned and sterilized in seconds. The large feed bowl is designed to allow horses of all sizes to eat comfortably.
  • Heavy gauge, stainless steel housing and top and bottom aluminum castings protect feed bowl against kicks, knocks and other abuse.
  • A round, smooth, animal friendly design - no sharp edges, jutting corners or rough surfaces.
  • A feed retention lip on the top cover casting helps minimize feed waste.
  • Easy installation. Shipped preassembled at the factory. Simply bolt on wall.

Nelson 500se Series Horse Feeders are fully warranted for one year.

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