Horseware - Ice-Vibe Boots

Useful in an injury rehabilitation program or used regularly after rides
CA$ 400.00

Sold as a pair.

There are so many innovative products available for horses today and the Horseware Ireland Ice Vibe boots certainly fall under that category. Ice Vibe boots are suitable as a therapeutic resource to help treat a variety of issues involving the tendons and ligaments of the horse’s leg. The last thing equestrians want to hear is that their horse is suffering from tendon issues as tendons are slow healing due to slow metabolism and the natural reduced circulation to the limbs.

The Ice Vibe technology focuses on vibrations intended to increase circulation in the leg. These boots work through a rechargeable vibrating system paired with a cooling effect to massage the legs, encouraging the lymphatic system to reduce swelling and soreness. The interiors of the boot contain multiple pockets to insert the cold packs and rotate the battery charged vibrating panel to the desired area on the horse’s leg. The combination of cooling while encouraging circulation through vibration allows the tissue to maintain oxygen levels necessary for repairing damage while eliminating inflammation at the same time.

Ice Vibe boots can be useful in an injury rehabilitation program but they can also be used regularly before and/or after your horse exercises as a preventative measure against injury. For optimal results, Ice Vibe boots should be applied post-exercise when the horse has cooled down since circulation is already increased until this time and swelling and soreness cannot yet be relieved.

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**Veterinary Disclaimer** This product may be best used upon consultation with a veterinarian. While available for customer purchase, if being used to treat an existing injury, it is advised that you consult your veterinarian before altering your horse’s rehabilitation program as a precaution since situations and circumstances may vary.

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