Barn Profile: Briarside Farm

Barn Profile: Briarside Farm

Barn Profile: Briarside Farm The owners’ relationship with System Equine began in the summer of 2020. They recently purchased property in the heart of Humber Valley in Newfoundland with the intention of building an equestrian facility for horses and a donkey. They wanted to improve their fencing, create safe turnout for horses in the winter, renovate a four-stall barn, and build a completely new six-stall barn.

The first step was to create paddocks for the horses using electric fencing on a very challenging landscape. In some cases existing trees had to be used for posts. The photo below is of a hardwood section of the fence.

The next step was to renovate an existing barn on the property. The Standard Stall Series was chosen not only because they are functional and cost-effective, but because they are able to be shipped in a box. Getting materials shipped to Newfoundland is always a challenge but they were able to receive the stalls quickly and get started on building their dream.

Step three was to create a number of sacrifice paddocks for the winter. Our heavy-duty six foot tall round pen panels were chosen for the job, which created a safe and strong fence which can be relocated and paddocks reworked as needed.

At this point they were ready to get started on the new six-stall barn. The two sets of double Dutch doors created the exact look the customer was going for. They also wanted a paddock walkthrough Dutch door with window in each of the six new stalls to allow horses access to a paddock attached to the barn. A few solid single Dutch doors were also installed inside to access the tack room. We love the unique addition of a kitty door to a couple of the doors!

Once the structure was closed in they could now focus on the stalls. They decided on the durable Rockwood Stall Series with v doors and a full grill door on one of the stalls so that one of their shorter equine residents can still have a look at the goings-on of the barn. Each stall features a System Equine heavy duty bridle hook. Black rubber I-tiles were used for the middle of the aisleway.

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