Which Hay Feeder Is Best For My Horse?

Many barn and horse owners will agree, their horses deserve nothing less than the very best. This includes but is not limited to their paddock, supplements and tack, to the design and build of their stalls, including the doors, windows and flooring. In this article, we take a closer look at some of the equine feed solutions available to you, including hay feeders, and narrow down to some of the best options available.

Optimizer Hay Feeder

Made from durable plastic and completely Canadian, the Optimizer is another high-quality hay feeding option. It is The Optimizer fits two small square bales, has very little waste and keeps horses happy and busy. It has no sharp edges, as all corners are rounded and beveled. Two to four horses can eat comfortably at the same time.

The slide arm offers a smooth, one handed operation to help open and close the feeder easier. The slow feed netting hangs freely inside the feeder, conforming with the hay right to the bottom of the feeder.

To a horse, the smallest pieces of hay are the best tasting. As they feed through the net, some of the most delicate leaves are stripped off of the grasses or alfalfa. Since these are the tastiest parts to your horse, the Optimizer catches these pieces as they fall, reducing hay waste and keeping your horses happy.

Learn more about the Optimizer Hay Feeder here!

Stall Wall Slow Feed Hay Net

The Stall Wall Slow Feed Hay Net might be exactly what your horse needs for a healthy diet and digestive system. Available in two mesh sizes, including 1.5” and 2”, this slow feed hay net offers a variety of benefits. You can help to improve the digestive system of your horse by slowing down their eating patterns and allowing them to eat smaller portions more often. Not only that, but it can also help to significantly reduce hay waste. Created from 100% black knotless mesh, the slow feed hay net is both UV-treated and fire retardant.

Learn more about the Stall Wall Slow Feed Hay Net here!

Round Bale Slow Feed Hay Net

The Round Bale Net might be the feeding solution for your horse that you’re looking for. It’s made from 100% black knotless mesh that is both fire-retardant and UV-treated.

Features and benefits include:
• Improves horse’s digestive system by slowing down the eating pattern
• Allows horses to eat little and often
• Significantly reduces hay waste

The Round Bale Net is available in two mesh sizes, including 1.5” and 2”. Learn more about the Round Bale Slow Feed Hay Net here!

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