Flex fencing was specifically designed and engineered for the horse and livestock industry. It is a high quality, safer, and stronger alternative to board fencing. It offers your horse a safer environment with much less maintenance and easier installation.

  • 4.25" wide rail has a traditional look at an affordable price
  • Three 12.5 ga double-coated high tensile wires per rail
  • Best polymer material with maximum UV inhibitors
  • Easy-to-use accessories that can be installed by only one person
  • Up to 3,200lbs of break strength per rail
  • No need to ever paint
  • Rails slide on impact and spring back to place afterwards
  • Mildew-resistant formula
  • 20 year limited manufacturer's warranty



End Tensioner

End Buckle

Splice Buckle

Flex fence brackets allow your Flex fence rails to move freely when something comes in contact with the fence. They are made of heavy-duty galvanized steel, then powder coated for superior rust protection. Slide your Flex fence through the brackets like a belt through belt loops. They keep the fence in place on the fence posts, but they don’t restrict it from sliding when something comes in contact with the fence rails. Our Flex fence end tightener kit is used to start and tighten your Flex fence rail. To end a Flex fence run, you would use a Flex fence end buckle or another end tightener (for land slopes & long runs). The Flex fence end buckle is used to terminate your Flex fence rail. The end buckle captures the fence rail between the end plate and the wood post. The rounded design of the plates makes it safe for your horses. To tighten the included lag bolt you would use a ratchet handle. Bolts quickly and easily together with only two bolts and two nuts (included). Combines two rails of Flex fence. This one-of-a-kind splice plate holds each end of the fence securely and tightly without fear or slipping out. Made from heavy-duty grade galvanized steel and then powder coated white, black, or brown to ensure a long-lasting beautiful finish. All rounded edges ensure your horse will not be injured if he or she comes in contact with the splice plate. 

Square Acreage Guide

1/2 acre = 417'
1/2 acre = 590'
3/4 acre = 722'
1 acre = 834'
2 acres = 1182'
3 acres = 1146'
4 acres = 1670'
5 acres = 1867'
6 acres = 2046'
7 acres = 2208'
8 acres = 2361'
9 acres = 2504'
10 acres = 2640'
20 acres = 3732'
50 acres = 5900'