Hay Net with Rings - Red

Hay net featuring 2" holes
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Deluxe Slow Feeder Hay Net by Hay Nags

Hand braided, super strong Monofilament Twine.

There's a smarter way to feed your hay! 2 inch holes restrict access so your horse will slow down and enjoy his hay longer, and you'll have a whole lot less waste.

Hay Nags useses a much better raw material to hand braid these nets. This material will not rot and will not fray. Perfect for use in the stall, trailer or field.

Ideal for travel, as you'll have to fill up less frequently, and your horse won't leave as much behind. Also great for horses who need limited access for dietary reasons.

As these nets are hand braided, they fit 2 to 3 flakes of hay when new and will take 3 + flakes after a few uses.  42 inch standard size.

Why use a Hay Nag Hay Net?

Veterinarians and equine health professionals, stable managers, equine teaching facilities and owners are all seeing the benefits of using a slow feeding system.

Horses should have access hay at all times, as they would if they were grazing naturally. The 2 inch tight weave holes can be used for all breeds.

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