Red Brand - Square Deal Wire Mesh Horse Fence

Industry leading strength and durability provide years of trouble-free dependability.
CA$ 299.00
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  • Square Deal Mesh Fence or Non-Climb horse fencing is best in class for durablity and safety
  • Roll only, hardware not included
  • Closely woven 2” x 4” vertical mesh using the Square Deal Knot for a smooth knot that helps to prevent injuries
  • Prevents animal from “stepping through” fence
  • Virtually no maintenance
  • Installation is relatively easy but is a tension fence and does require that the ends and any corner out of line is braced properly
  • Fence needs to be stretched
  • Post spacing from 8 - 12' recommended
  • Closer spacing for high snow load areas where the snow may force the wire down
  • Flexes and moves on impact and comes back to original shape for fences stretched with proper tension
  • Installation tips: Brace well, do not drive staples home (leave some space for the wire to be able to move)

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