PVC Fencing Installations

PVC fencing is a rigid, white or light coloured fence that comes with a lifetime warranty due to its acclaimed durability. They create a very professional look when bordering riding rings, driveways, and property lines, adding an additional touch of elegance to any farm. Combine with electric strands for a beautiful pasture fence.
PVC fencing consists of hollow 5" x 5" posts with pre-drilled holes. The rails are typically 16' long and span three posts by sliding through the middle of them. A main installation challenge with this type of fencing is ensuring that all the posts are installed directly in line and at 8' on centre. Clips prevent the rails from sliding out. The typical do-it-yourselfer may find this installation quite challenging, as there are a lot of measurements to be aware of, so they may find that using a professional installer is the best way to go to ensure a properly installed fence.
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