Equine Bridge Harrow

Heavy duty harrow for all farm and agricultural applications
CA$ 1,345.00


  • Preparing seed beds
  • Covering seed
  • Incorporating herbicides
  • Spreading manure
  • Hay and pasture
  • Horse riding arenas
  • Landscaping

Durable 5/8 inch Hi-Carbon Steel Teeth

Our drag Harrow’s superior design allows the Harrow’s frame work to do much of the work, along with the teeth and prevents of the tail section from rolling forwards to provide better tooth penetration. The coarse design also provides a much longer wear time on all joints of the Harrow.

Our Harrow Hitch

Pulling our Harrow is easy with a heavy ring on the hitch. The May-Bridge Harrows hitch is made with chain, rather than rods and eyes. The increased number of flex points allows our hitch to wear much longer. The chain hitch is also easier to handle and store. A lead chain on our hitch drastically reduces the chance of the hitch catching a tire on short turns. The draw bar has a specially designed rounded loop rather than a sharp bent loop. Because we pay attention to the details, your Chain Harrow will last much longer.

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