Water is the single most important nutrient required for your horse and it often gets overlooked!

Horses normally consume 5-15 gal (20-55 litres) of water in one day depending on the temperature and their activity. How to provide your horses with fresh clean water is one of the most important features to consider when you are planning your barn. Dealing with frozen water can be the most strenuous predicament you will have on your farm and will most certainly take all of the fun out of it.

Factors to consider when choosing a waterer...

• Do you need to install new water lines? New build or renovating
• Will you be monitoring intake? Buckets vs. automatic
• Do you have to consider freezing temperatures? Heated vs. non
• What are your labour costs and time constraints? Buckets vs. automatic
• What are the drinking habits of your horse(s)? Automatic push bowl or float bowls
• Are you looking for replacement parts?

For more information regarding how to choose the right waterer for your stalls, please read our blog post.

Watering Bucket