Nobleman Stall Series

Carefully designed features that exude grandeur
Starting at CA$ 2,160.00
Top & Bottom Flanges 
Top Flanges 
Bottom Flanges 
No Flanges
Center (only compatible with 12' fronts) 
Nobleman V 
Grilled Top (Included)
Full Grill 
Nobleman V Full Grill 
Mesh Bottom 
Crosshatched Mesh Bottom 
Springloaded (Included)
Lockable Horseshoe 
Black Round Caps (Included)
Brass Round Caps 
Stainless Round Caps 
Copper Round Caps 
Solid Brass Finials 
Solid Stainless Finials 
Brass Plated Finials 
Zinc/Chrome Plated Finials 
Door Arch 
Wood (Existing)
4.5 inch Steel Round 
4 inch Steel Square 
6 inch Steel Round 
6 inch Steel Square 
Powder Coated Black
Custom Powder Coated Paint Colour 

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Maximum image width: 2500 px.

Maximum image height: 2500 px.

The European aesthetic on the classic Nobleman stall series brings a special sophistication to any facility. Its carefully designed features simply exude grandeur as a whole. The large V-openings, round steel posts, and brass accents simply exude grandeur. The Nobleman's unique V-doors have the ability to be easily opened, closed, or completely taken off. Also included in the standard Nobleman package are heavy-duty doors, four round posts, round track hardware, and decorative flanges. You'll also have access to a host of options to truly customize your Nobleman, such as feed doors, feed openings, full-grill doors, and decorative brass or chrome finials.

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